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The IAWA - International Association on Agricultural Work - brings together the research and development community studying agricultural work around the world, with the aim of crossing disciplinary and thematic entries. The aim is to understand, analyze and compare the realities of work and workers in agriculture and to reflect on the future of work.  

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07 December 2023

Redaction: Priscila Malanski

Newsletter October-November

- New research analyses how trade and labour market polices can support decent work - Santiago Levy en conferencia en la CEPAL: La transformación radical del mercado de trabajo es una condición esencial para el crecimiento socialmente inclusivo - Social dialogue institutions pledge to tackle inequalities in the world of work - Pobreza en América Latina volvió a niveles prepandemia en 2022, informó la CEPAL con llamado urgente a avanzar en inclusión laboral

05 December 2023

Redaction: Isabelle Avelange

What's new on work in agriculture in France on December 2023

A series of webinars and exchanges on agricultural work are being held in December in France. participate or watch the replay

05 December 2023

Hybrid session Geneva and Zoom

1st Youth Employment Research Forum

The ILO forum brings together researcher to tackle the dynamics of youth employment and its supporting policy framework. Registration is open
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Organic Dairying - A conversion experience - EU and UN agencies join forces to address root causes of child labour - « Ce sont les femmes qui savent » - Why Gender-Responsive Policies are Critical Drivers of Equitable Agri-Food Systems - International Labour Organization promotes safety and health in coffee supply chain - ILO Director-General welcomes BRICS commitment to ensuring decent work, dignity and respect for all - Pour ou contre un GIEC dédié à « Une seule santé » ? - Argentina, con el acompañamiento de IICA, presentó en el Foro Público de la OMC en Ginebra la innovación bio-digital en su agricultura
Leveraging a recent special issue in Frontiers in Public Health, the IAWA association and the National Children’s Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (NCCRAHS) out of the United States, sheds light on the health and safety of children in agriculture in Northern and Southern countries with an emphasis on family farm systems and supports the development of a network of scholars and practitioners working on these topics.