Marion Beecher

Marion Beecher

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Researcher at Teagasc, Ireland.

Marion Beecher is currently working with Teagasc as a Research Officer.
Her research interests include dairy farm labour productivity specifically looking at efficient technologies, infra-structure, and work organisation including Lean management as well as evaluating human resource management practices within Irish dairy farm businesses.
Prior to this she co-ordinated the Professional Diploma in Dairy Farm Management Programme which involved co-ordination of placements of students on approved dairy host farmers for training.
She graduated from University College Dublin with a PhD in animal science.


Teagasc, Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre,Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.  P61 C997,


Beecher, M., A. Ryan, and M. Gorman. 2022. Exploring adolescents’ perceptions of dairy farming careers in Ireland: views of students studying agricultural science in secondary school.

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Mulkerrins, M., M. Beecher, C. McAloon, and Á. Macken-Walsh. 2022. Implementation of compact calving at the farm level: A qualitative analysis of farmers operating pasture-based dairy systems in Ireland. Journal of Dairy Science 105(7):5822-5835.

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