Bruno Dorin

Bruno Dorin

B Dorin

Senior Researcher (economics) – Cirad, Cired – France,
Bruno Dorin (PhD. in economics, postgraduate in agricultural engineering)

  • Has 17 years of research experience in France and 16 in India.
  • Is an economist at CIRAD (Montpellier) and  CIRED (Paris).
  • Works on large range of issues (nexus agriculture-nutrition-productivity-employment-poverty-ecology) and developed Agribiom, a quantitative tool for analysing past productions and uses of biomasses (since the 1960s) and buiding future scenarios of structural transformation (horizon 2050).
  • Is author of many academic articles in addition to five books in English, including “Agrimonde: scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050” (Versailles 2011; Springer 2014).


Professional Address:
45 bis avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94736 Nogent sur Marne, France
+33 1 43 94 73 19


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