Sophie Chauvat

Sophie Chauvat

Sophie Chauvat

Sophie Chauvat produces methods and consulting tools on work organization and human resources management. She coordinates the Mixed Technology Network (RMT) "Work in agriculture", which has been accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture since 2007. This development-research-training mechanism brings together 50 partners (technical institutes, chambers of agriculture, research organizations, higher and professional education, network heads). The work of the RMT "Work in agriculture" is implemented around 4 axes:

  • Transformations of work,
  • Collective organizations in the territories,
  • The quality of life at work,
  • Considering work in education and training.

The international component of the RMT aims to expand our collaborations and disseminate our projects.

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Montpellier SupAgro – 2 place Pierre Viala – 34060 Montpellier cedex


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