Isabelle Avelange

Isabelle Avelange

I Avelangevf

Research Ingeneer at INRAE –France, in the sciences for action transition and territories’ division.

After a thesis in plant pathology in 1994, I joined INRAE, to implement large-scale programs in support of scientists. Executive manager at the French National Research Agency I implemented two large-scale programs, the agricultural and sustainable development program–ADD and the systems, territories, resources and agricultures 'program-SYSTERRA.

At INRAE, I was Executive manager of the Metaprogram from 2011-2013, since 2013, I am Executive manager in charge of improve European participation of the INRAE ACT Division.

Since 2021, I joined IAWA for 10% of my time, and I follow a mission on European affairs for the act division. I like the interdisciplinary programs and their links to the real world.


INRAE, Dpt ACT, 147 rue de l’Université, 75338 Paris cedex 07


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