Ruth Nettle

Ruth Nettle

Ruth Nettle

Leader, Rural Innovation Research Group; School of Agriculture and Food, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science, The University of Melbourne

Ruth’s research focus includes: 

  • rural workforce development, farming systems, people and capacity building, 
  • human resource management practices on farms 
  • the role of farm advisers and innovation intermediaries
  • agricultural extension policy and design 

Ruth applies the findings from research to the development efforts of rural industries and communities and currently works with Australian and New Zealand agricultural industry groups and government.  Ruth’s research work into collaborative action in rural workforce development has attracted interest from many primary industries.  Ruth’s research aims to link agricultural workplace practices to broader issues for the rural sector in attracting, retaining and developing a workforce for the future.


780 Elizabeth Street (Building 220)
Level 3, Room 310A
Victoria 3010 Australia


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