Benoît Dedieu

Benoît Dedieu

b dedieu

Agricultural Engineer (INA PG, France, 1981) and PhD in Animal Sciences (INA PG, France, 1984) Benoît Dedieu is director of Research at INRAE (French National Research Institute for Food, Agriculture and Environment– France).

He developed research into medium- to long-term livestock farming adaptation pathways in a context of hazards and uncertainties. He also investigated how work (productivity, quality, meaning) interact with livestock management choices and produced several frameworks to analyse work organization (who is doing what task) at different time scales (daily, weekly, seasonal, yearly).

He co-chaired two international Symposium on work in agriculture (2016, 2021) and created with Brazilian colleagues in 2017 the International Association on work in agriculture.

He was head of the Sciences for Action and Transitions Division (ACT), 2012 - 2020, an inter-disciplinary division of INRAE (with agronomists, ecologists and social scientists, 14 research units and 300 agents). A division centered on changes and innovation processes in agriculture, environment and food systems with a focus on the actors and their actions.

He now contributes to the TSARA initiative -Transforming food systems and agriculture through partnership research with African – gathering 20 African institutions INRAE and Cirad.

He also explores what are the conditions for agroecology to create attractive jobs for youth and favour the empowerment of women in Africa.

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