Mohamed Taher Sraïri

Mohamed Taher SRAÏRI

Mohamed Taher SRAÏRI9_9

Head of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Hassan II Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine Institute, Rabat – MOROCCO.
I am an animal scientist, interest in dairy production systems.
At the beginning of my career, I have investigated the determinants of smallholder herds’ performances in Morocco: milk yield and quality, profitability, etc. Then, I began working on crop/livestock integration. This brought me to study water productivity in dual purpose herds (milk and meat simultaneously), as well as water volumes used and their origins (rainfall and/or irrigation) by the other crops on farms.
The interest devoted to resource uses also meant that I tried to characterize work uses in the Moroccan agricultural sector, in various regions (rain-fed, irrigations schemes, oases, etc) and the remuneration of this input.


Animal Production and Biotechnology Department,
Hassan II Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine Institute
P.O. Box 6202, 1, Allal Fassi Road, Rabat, MOROCCO
+ 212 5 37 77 17 45


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