Synthesis Webinar

Synthesis report Webinar November 2023

Read the synthesis report. All the presentations, except maybe for the US, clearly point the lack of data on the situations around children’s health and safety in agriculture. There is a tension between the laws that are on the books to protect the children and/or provide resources vs. what happens in reality.

Barbara Lee outlined the importance of the topic. Some of the takeaway messages from her presentation were

  • Importance of language – need to replace ‘accident’ with ‘injury’ as fatal and not fatal injuries are not accidents. Rather, they are predictable and preventable.
  • It is a hugely complex area with multiple factors influencing it, such as age, development stage of the youth, whether they are working or not working, environmental and agricultural condition as well as social and cultural conditions.
  • Because of its complexity – there is not one simple fix or solution to protecting children
  • Protective strategies on farm can start with removing the child from the farm to providing personal protective equipment to protect the worker while a modified socio ecological model for agriculture could be used at a policy and governmental level.

The presentations made by representatives of the Argentina, Australia, Burkina Faso, Sweden and United States provided an overview of the population size, economic and education status and the agricultural outlook.  Despite the diversity of between countries in these topics there were many commonalties regarding safeguarding of children.

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