November 2019

November 2019

Period: 01 - 30 November



  • 2nd Symposium on Work in Agriculture qui aura lieu des 27 au 30 septembre 2020 - Clermont 
  • People Management Course 
  • Family Farm Health and Safety Awareness Day 
  • L'avenir du travail - Cycle de séminaires
  • 3R - Rencontres autour des Recherches sur les Ruminants
  • A Rede de Estudos Rurais lança edital para Grupos de Trabalhos do IX Encontro Nacional, em Brasília


  • Call for submissions for special issue
  • Call for Papers Agri Food Markets 
  • IRSA2020 
  • The Conversation needs you! 
  • CIER 2020


  • Circular labor migration and land-livelihood dynamics in Southeast Asia's concession landscapes
  • Migration of Rural Residents to Urban Areas Drives Grassland Vegetation Increase in China’s Loess Plateau 
  • Who's there? – Inclusive growth, ‘white rurality’ and reconstructing rural labour markets
  • Diversity of Mental Health Issues in Agriculture
  • Child labour
  • Work and income changes after cancer in rural China: A cross-sectional survey 
  • Women’s Labour and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Aging of Agricultural Labor Force and Technical Efficiency in Tea Production: Evidence from Meitan County, China
  • The Fifth International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference (IFISH 5): A Gathering of International Safety and Health Experts in Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing
  • Data for development: FAO statistical pocketbook 2019
  • The impact of sugarcane expansion in Brazil: Local stakeholders' perceptions
  • Knowledge and Practices to Avoid Heat-Related Illness among Hispanic Farmworkers along the Florida-Georgia Line 
  • More children nutrition distribution, less labor incentive: Evidence from Chinese collective agriculture
  • Non-farm Income Generating Activities of Rural Households in Abia State, Nigeria
  • Topographic heterogeneity, rural labour transfer and cultivated land use: An empirical study of plain and low-hill areas in China
  • Sustainability labels on food products: Consumer motivation, understanding and use
  • The commuting rural labour forces revealed by mobile phone trace data

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