September 2020



  • DairyNZ warmly welcome a government announcement that means some skilled migrant dairy farm employees will be able to return to New Zealand from overseas 
  • COVID-19 and the Agriculture Industry: Labor, Supply Chains, and Consumer Behavior
  • ILO to release new analysis of effects of COVID-19 on labour income and markets
  • Farmers are Highly Vulnerable to COVID-19 
  • Farmers are Highly Vulnerable to COVID-19
  • COVID-19 and Maritime Crew Changes 
  • Employment and decent work can contribute to peace and social cohesion during the COVID-19 crisis
  • To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand, the dairy sector is calling for rural mental health to be a priority
  • COVID-19 and the ag industry: Labor, supply chains and consumer behavior
  • Sheep - Reducing the labour requirement at lambing through breeding
  • Migrant Farmworkers at High Risk for Coronavirus
  • FAO : plateforme de données géospatiales afin de renforcer l’agriculture et l’alimentation post COVID-19
  • Activité et conditions d'emploi de la main-d'œuvre pendant la crise sanitaire Covid-19 
  • Trabajando con Jóvenes Rurales en América Latina: Una Revisión Crítica Necesaria

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