April 2020



  • Enhancement of Employment and Income Opportunities for Rural Youth in Ethiopia: A Review of Four Large Youth Employment Initiatives 
  • Hard work and hazard: Young people and agricultural commercialisation in Africa
  • Coronavirus and agriculture: COVID-19 to test America's food supply 
  • ‘Pesticides are our children now’: cultural change and the technological treadmill in the Burkina Faso cotton sector
  • [Covid-19] Témoignages d'éleveurs Bovins viande du Limousin
  • [Covid-19] Témoignages d'éleveurs Bovins Lait de l'est
  • [Covid-19] Témoignages d'éleveurs herbivores de Bretagne
  • Comment les éleveurs gèrent-ils la crise du Covid19 ?
  • [Covid 19] Gérer la conduite de finition des femelles allaitantes pour en programmer les sorties
  • La migration rurale en Afrique subsaharienne : Modèles, facteurs, et relation avec la transformation structurelle
  • [Covid-19] Gestion des salariés pendant la crise
  • [Covid-19] Des leviers pour réorganiser le travail
  • Covid-19 & Sécurité alimentaire | L’Inde face à la crise de l’emploi 
  • Regional Farm Labour Database being set up
  • Brasil, agricultura familiar representa 77% dos empregos agrícolas 
  • Medidas de prevenção ao coronavírus no campo: MAPA
  • How COVID-19 is throttling vital global migration flows
  • BASF: todos juntos pelo legado do agricultor no campo
  • Cafeicultores estão com medo de faltar mão de obra para a colheita
  • Youth employment trends analysed in new ILO global report
  • German farms need nearly 300,000 seasonal workers
  • COVID-19 measures could cause ‘devastating’ labour shortage in EU farming
  • Coronavirus Covid 19 farm business update 12 Mar 2020 
  • Up to 24.7 million jobs could be lost globally due to COVID-19 pandemic, says ILO
  • Livestock route mapping for improved health of humans, animals and the environment 
  • [Covid-19] Des leviers disponibles pour moduler la production laitière
  • Crise sanitaire et suivi de la situation sur le marché du travail 
  • Devenir éleveur : découvrir, accéder, et s'épanouir dans le métier d'éleveur
  • Transmettre en élevage caprin 
  • [Covid19] Les gestes à respecter pour les interventions
  • Disability Inclusion in COVID-19 responses in the World of Work
  • New Release: Enhancing Youth Employment Opportunities in Rural Economies in Ethiopia
  • Dairy Industry COVID 19 Directory 
  • Why International Labour Standards matter in a public health crisis
  • Podcast on poverty alleviation in cocoa, coffee and tea supply chains
  • Food supply worries farmers in US as coronavirus disrupts their work
  • The Effects of COVID-19 Will Ripple through Food Systems
  • Ag sector may begin seeing coronavirus pandemic effects.

Modification date: 23 May 2023 | Publication date: 01 August 2020 | By: Priscila Malanski