October 2020




  • IFMA23 - Welcome
  • International Day of Rural Women
  • Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders ( MSD’S) among Farmers in Ireland - Webinar


  • Viewpoint: The future of work in agri-food 
  • Agricultural Workforce Crisis in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The Razor’s Edge of “Essential” Labor in Food and Agriculture
  • Young People’s Perceptions about the Difficulties of Entrepreneurship and Developing Rural Properties in Family Agriculture
  • Suicide in Spanish Farmers in Two Geographical Areas with Differing Rates of Pesticide Use
  • “It’s Wrong because It Could Be My Sister, Wife, or Mother”: Workplace Sexual Harassment among Men and Women Farmworkers in USA and Mexico
  • Measurement of the Income Difference of Rural Residents in Peri-Urbanized Areas and Its Influencing Factors: Evidence from Nanhai, Foshan, China
  • Using smartphone app collected data to explore the link between mechanization and intra-household allocation of time in Zambia
  • Entry into and Escape from Poverty: The Role of Female Labor Supply in Rural India
  • Gender equity, labor rights, and women’s empowerment: lessons from Fairtrade certification in Ecuador flower plantations
  • The rise of robots and the fall of routine jobs
  • Horticulture in Queensland Australia, COVID-19 Response. It Hasn’t All Been Bad on Reflection
  • Work-related Symptoms and Asthma among Fish Processing Workers
  • Automatic milking systems and farmer wellbeing–exploring the effects of automation and digitalization in dairy farming
  • Farmers’ health and social insurance perceptions – A case study from a remote rural region in Greece
  • Fundamental principles and rights at work: Issue paper on COVID-19 and fundamental principles and rights at work
  • How does international migration impact on rural areas in developing countries? A systematic review
  • Changing Structure of Rural Employment in Bihar: Issues and Challenges

Modification date: 23 May 2023 | Publication date: 05 November 2020 | By: Priscila Malanski