November 2020




  • Let's Talk Dairy Webinar - Managing your time to maximum effect - Teagasc
  • Farmer discussion increases capacity to work in a safe and healthy way - Teagasc
  • Transferring the Family Farm Online Event - Teagasc
  • Transferring the Family Farm Online Event - Teagasc
  • A New Pandemic Rural Health & Wellness Virtual Online Series Launched - Teagasc
  • Engaging young rural women and men

Call for Papers

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics and Inequity and Discrimination Faced by African Americans in the United States


  • Mapping the research domains on work in agriculture. A bibliometric review from Scopus database
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and Internal Labour Migration in India: A ‘Crisis of Mobility’
  • Coffee value chain analysis: Opportunities for youth employment in Uganda
  • Longitudinal analysis of household types and livelihood trajectories in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Going Viral : COVID-19 and the Accelerated Transformation of Jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Women Farmers and Agricultural Innovation: Marital Status and Normative Expectations in Rural Ethiopia
  • The Process Of Farmers’ Occupational Health Behavior by Health Belief Model: Evidence From Iran
  • Food and Agricultural Transportation Challenges Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Hazard Control Methods to Improve Agricultural All-Terrain Vehicle Safety
  • Identifying Farmer Workplace Injury Risk Factors in Ireland Using Farm Accounts Data
  • Circular Migration and Precarity: Perspectives from Rural Bihar
  • Labor Issues in the Food Supply Chain Amid the COVID‐19 Pandemic
  • Chronic Diseases among Agricultural Workers in a Rural Area of Puerto Rico
  • Impactos do COVID-19 sobre o trabalho na agricultura e em cadeias produtivas na perspectiva da grande midia
  • Novas evidências sobre o emprego rural não agrícola no Brasil
  • Perspectives de l'emploi de l'OCDE 2020

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