March 2020





  • ASSA Call for 2021 Submissions: AAEA Invited Paper Sessions  May


  • Evaluating the Relationship between Fruit and Vegetable Growers Use of Plastic Biodegradable Mulches, and Environmental Stewardship and Labor Savings: The Case of Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Farmers
  • Sustainable Empowerment Initiatives among Rural Women through Microcredit Borrowings in Bangladesh
  • Gender differences in respiratory health outcomes among farming cohorts around the globe: findings from the AGRICOH consortium  
  • Contemporary Features of Rural Workers in India with a Focus on Gender and Caste
  • Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Among Organic Farmer Mothers
  • Conversion to organic farming increases dairy farmers’ satisfaction independently of the strategies implemented
  • Contribution to a renewed framework to analyse the interactions between family and capitalist agriculture
  • Upgrading products, upgrading work? Interorganizational learning
  • Rural youth employment and agri-food systems in Rwanda
  • “If We Don’t Produce, Bring Another:” Work Organization and Tomato Worker Health
  • Labour, nature, and exploitation: Social metabolism and inequality in a farming community in mid‐19th century Catalonia 
  • Wage Rate: Is this Return to Education or Return to Physical Capability? Evidence from Rural India

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