February 2020





  • IFAMA 2020
  • Sasae - Conference
  • Farm Safety Awareness Event
  • Labour Transformations. From Liberalism to Corporatism (1850-1945)
  • Travail et travailleur·se·s au Maghreb (XIXe-XXIe siècle)
  • Identités féminines au travail. Études sur les représentations dans l'espace européen
  • 1er congrès sur le thème "Transformations et GRH"
  • 58º Congresso da SOBER em Foz do Iguaçu nos dias 9 a 13 de agosto de 2020


  • International Symposium on Work in Agriculture - Call for "field experiences and tools"
  • Call for papers for the WES Conference is now open!
  • EUTIC : appel à contribution
  • Já está liberado o formulário para envio de trabalhos para o IX Encontro da Rede de Estudos Rurais 


  • Farmer Discussion Groups Create Space for Peer Learning about Safety and Health
  • The new geography of labour migration: EU11 migrants in rural Norway
  • Poverty dynamics in Rural Britain 1991–2008: Did Labour's social policy reforms make a difference? 
  • Rural migration in sub-Saharan Africa: Patterns, drivers and relation to structural transformation 
  • Objectives of Sustainable Development and Youth Employment in Colombia
  • Women farmers in developed countries: a literature review
  • Does the Revised Hukou System Facilitate or Restrain the Short-Term Labor Inflows into Chinese Cities?
  • Wildfire Smoke Exposure: Awareness and Safety Responses in the Agricultural Workplace 
  • Income Targeting and Farm Labor Supply
  • Risk aversion and certification: Evidence from the Nepali tea fields
  • Actif'Agri : transformations des emplois et des activités en agriculture
  • Agronegocio del brócoli y semiproletarización. Corolarios del vínculo laboral en una comuna indígena de la sierra
    central de Ecuador
  • Auge y expansión de los sistemas de intermediación laboral en la reestructuración de las cadenas agroalimentarias

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