December 2020




  • International Symposium on Work in Agriculture - New dates : March 29th - April 1rst, 2021
  • Farm Business Options Webinar - The Farm: feeding the mind and body - Teagasc

Call for Papers

  • Labour Economics
  • European Association of Labour Economists
  • Gérer le travail, protéger les salariés en situation de pandémie : effets sur l’emploi, le travail, les conditions de travail et les relations professionnelles


  • Why and how farmers manage mixed cattle–sheep farming systems and cope with economic, climatic and workforce-related hazards 
  • Enhancing the ability of agriculture to cope with major crises or disasters: What the experience of COVID-19 teaches us 
  • Multi-level impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown on agricultural systems in India: The case of Uttar Pradesh 
  • COVID-19 and the agri-food system in the United States and Canada 
  • Exploring farmers’ decisions to engage in grass measurement on dairy farms in Ireland 
  • “You treat them right, They'll treat you right”: Understanding beekeepers' scale management decisions within the context of bee values 
  • The Effects of COVID-19 on Fruit and Vegetable Production
  • What Does Gender Yield Gap Tell Us about Smallholder Farming in Developing Countries? 
  • Pesticide Label Safety Information in Spanish and English: In Your Hand, Anytime & Anywhere
  • Compliance with Recommended Safety Standards among High-Risk Farm Equipment
  • Dairy Safety Kit: An Innovative Online Based Training and Outreach Solution 
  • Describing the Burden of Injuries in the Cattle Feeding Industry 
  • Development of Safety Scores for Selected Greenhouse Production Facilities in North America
  • Knowledge of Heat-Related Illness First Aid in Migrant Farmworkers: A Pilot Study 
  • Chronic Farm Stress and Its Connection to Health and Safety
  • Does the Use of a Nasal Lavage Intervention Improve Pulmonary Function for Dairy Workers?
  • The Next Generation of Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines: Process and Outcomes 
  • Identifying Future Areas of Focus for the Grain Handling Safety Coalition
  • Protecting and Promoting the Health of Young Agricultural Workers through Supervisor Training
  • Increasing Efficiency and Reliability of Agricultural Injury and Fatality Coding with Standard Operating Procedures: Lessons Learned from
  • Telling the Story – Using Storytelling to Disseminate Agricultural Safety and Health Messaging
  • Digital Migration: Will Digital Technologies Transform Hazard Risk Assessment among an Emerging Agricultural Workforce?
  • Source Attribution of MRSA Exposure and Carriage among Dairy Workers
  • Improving Safety and Health in the Cattle Feedyard Industry
  • Developing a Social Marketing Intervention for Heat Safety among Florida Tomato Harvesters: Preliminary Findings of Formative Research
  • Health & Safety Education in Swedish Agricultural Schools
  • Respiratory Exposures and Diseases among Agricultural Workers in the Central States Region of the United States
  • OSHA and AG: An Industry Training Program for Agricultural Workers and Supervisors
  • CS-CASH Pilot Grant: Improving Agricultural Worker Health and Safety Awareness through Multimodal, Case-Based Physician Assistant Education
  • Yves Clot, La fonction psychologique du travail

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