April 2020




  • 58o Congresso da SOBER
  • ERSA2020 Congress postponed in 2021 
  • Prorrogado o prazo para submissão de trabalhos para GTs do 9o Encontro
  • Engineering for Rural Development
  • ASSA Call for 2021 Submissions: AAEA Invited Paper Sessions May

Call for papers

  • Sober - Congresso
  • Congrès IEA 2021


  • Practical guide for the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 in agriculture
  • Rural Women’s Invisible Work in Census and State Rural Development Plans: The Argentinean Patagonian Case
  • Securing meaningful life: Women's work and land rights in rural MyanmarAn Empirical Investigation of Men’s Views of Women’s Contribution to Farming in Northwest Bangladesh
  • Renegotiating gender roles and cultivation practices in the Nepali mid-hills: unpacking the feminization of agriculture
  • FASTing in the mid-west?: A theoretical assessment of ‘feminist agrifoods systems theory’
  • Exploring migrants’ knowledge and skill in seasonal farm work: more than labouring bodies
  • Empleo rural juvenil y sistemas agroalimentarios en Guatemala Un análisis rápido de contexto
  • Women Participation: A Productivity Strategy in Rice Production
  • Migrant workers and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Social Protection and COVID-19 response in rural areas
  • Unlocking opportunities for decent job creation in Lebanon's horticulture sector
  • What Makes Farmers Exit Farming: A Case Study of Sindh Province, Pakistan
  • L’évolution d’un concept fondateur en psychologie du travail : l’activité dans tous ses états
  • Health self-perception and morbidities, and their relation with rural work in southern Brazil
  • Implications of Water Scarcity for Water Productivity and Farm Labor
  • Contribution to a renewed framework to analyse the interactions between family and capitalist agriculture
  • Upgrading products, upgrading work? Interorganizational learning
  • Rural youth employment and agri-food systems in Rwanda
  • “If We Don’t Produce, Bring Another:” Work Organization and Tomato Worker Health
  • Labour, nature, and exploitation: Social metabolism and inequality in a farming community in mid-19th century Catalonia 
  • Wage Rate: Is this Return to Education or Return to Physical Capability? Evidence from Rural India
  • The winding paths of peripheral proletarianization: Local labour, world hegemonies, and crisis in rural Colombia
  • Child Labor and Rainfall Deviation: Panel Data Evidence from Rural Vietnam
  • Labour Market Participation of Women in Rural Bangladesh: The Role of Microfinance
  • Women and wage labour in rural Flanders in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
  • The Changing Landscape of ‘Labour’: Work and Livestock in Post-Second World War British Agriculture
  • ‘Work Conquers All’: psychiatry, agricultural labor, and the Juliano Moreira Colony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1890– 1958)
  • Who's there? – Inclusive growth, ‘white rurality’ and reconstructing rural labour markets
  • Can "green food" certification achieve both sustainable practices and economic benefits in a transitional economy?
  • The case of kiwifruit growers in Henan Province, China 
  • Injury severity of truck-involved crashes in work zones on rural and urban highways: Accounting for unobserved heterogeneity
  • Temporary rural–rural labor migration from Quarit District, Northwest Ethiopia: a search for the determinants
  • Gender norms and intrahousehold allocation of labor in Mozambique: A CGE application to household and agricultural economics 
  • Does free education help combat child labor? The effect of a free compulsory education reform in rural China
  • Supporting the design activity of farmers in transition to agroecology: Towards an understanding
  • Exploring Work-Related Characteristics as Predictors of Norwegian Sheep Farmers’ Affective Job Satisfaction
  • Linking environment, malaria, and agricultural returns: a labor time use analysis at different stages of production using 3SLS
  • Job satisfaction assessments of agricultural workers help employers improve the work environment and reduce turnover
  • Farming smarter with big data: Insights from the case of Australia's national dairy herd milk recording scheme
  • Designing future dairy systems for New Zealand using reflexive interactive design
  • Migrant workers and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Impact of COVID-19 on informal workers
  • Chegou a colheita do café: recomendações para evitar o contágio do Coronavírus e garantir a saúde dos trabalhadores 
  • The Effect of Labor Migration on Farmers’ Cultivated Land Quality Protection
  • Rural non-farm diversification, agricultural feminisation and women's autonomy in the farm: evidence from India
  • CORONAVÍRUS - Recomendações de prevenção nas propriedades rurais
  • ILO Monitor 2nd edition: COVID-19 and the world of work
  • Dicas de prevenção de Covid-19 para pecuaristas de corte
  • COVID-19: O que o avicultor precisa saber
  • Evaluating the Relationship between Fruit and Vegetable Growers Use of Plastic Biodegradable Mulches, and Environmental Stewardship and Labor Savings: The Case of Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Farmers
  • Sustainable Empowerment Initiatives among Rural Women through Microcredit Borrowings in Bangladesh
  • Health and environmental effects of adopting an integrated fruit fly management strategy among mango farmers in Kenya 
  • Gender differences in respiratory health outcomes among farming cohorts around the globe: findings from the AGRICOH consortium 
  • Contemporary Features of Rural Workers in India with a Focus on Gender and Caste 
  • Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Among Organic Farmer Mothers
  • Conversion to organic farming increases dairy farmers’ satisfaction independently of the strategies implemented
  • What determines women's agricultural participation? A comparative study of landholding households in rural India 
  • Seasonal rural labor markets and their relevance to policy analyses in developing countries
  • (Re)découvrir la psychologie du travail au Brésil
  • Les droits sociaux au travail

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