September 2019

September 2019

Period: 01 - 15 September



  • Le genre des professions


  • Making sense in the cloud: Farm advisory services in a smart farming future 
  • Brazil’s Agricultural Production and Its Potential as Global Food Supplier Choices
  • Sustainability, Innovation and Rural Development: The Case of Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO 
  • Agricultural Labour Productivity and Its Determinants in India
  • The political robot – The structural consequences of automated milking systems (AMS) in Norway
  • Perceived climate risks and adaptation drivers in diverse coffee landscapes of Uganda 
  • Social farming and work inclusion initiatives for adults with autism spectrum disorders: A pilot study
  • Physician Notified Work-Related Diseases Among Farmers in Norway: Data from 2007 - 2016 
  • Economic performance, gender and social networks in West African food systems 
  • Sustainable Livelihood Capital and Strategy in Rural Tourism Households: A Seasonality Perspective
  • Syrian women food producers learn new skills from Italian farmers
  • Heterogeneity in male and female farmers’ preference for a profit‐enhancing and labor‐saving technology: The case of Direct‐Seeded Rice (DSR) in India
  • Off-Farm Economic Activities of Rural Women for Household Food Security in Kaduna State, Nigeria 
  • Physical activity and work activities in Florida agricultural workers 
  • Debt‐Bonded Brick Kiln Workers and Their Intent to Return: Towards a Labour Geography of Smallholder Farming Persistence in Cambodia
  • Assessing Mental Health Concerns of Spanish-Speaking Dairy Farm Workers 
  • Aurélie Jeantet, Les émotions au travail
  • Cadre du G7 pour la création d’emplois décents pour les jeunes ruraux au Sahel
  • Bonus: Grants and Opportunities

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