October 2019

October 2019

Period: 01 - 15 October



  • APEN - 2021
  • Congres francophone TMS – Tunisie 2020
  • Penser l'autonomie en agriculture : entre injonctions et revendications
  • Le prix du travail


  • EALE SOLE AASLE World Conference Berlin 2020 
  • Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA) conference


  • How wage structure and crop size negatively impact farmworker livelihoods in monocrop organic production: interviews with strawberry harvesters in California
  • Comprehension of Safety Pictograms Affixed to Agricultural Machinery among Pakistani Migrant Farmworkers in Italy
  • Place of Residence, Working Conditions and the Burden of Back Pain among Hired Farmworkers in the United States
  • Development of Psychometric Properties of Farmers’ Occupational Health Behavior Questionnaire for Iranian Farmers
  • Technical Efficiency in the Agricultural Business—The Case of Slovakia
  • Young people’s willingness to farm under present and improved conditions in Thailand
  • The long road to becoming a farmer: Thai agricultural students’ plans
  • Farmers’ Mental Health: Perceptions from a Farm Show
  • Effect of cropland and livestock ownership on child labour in eastern Ethiopia: empirical examination of the Wealth Paradox
  • Macroeconomic impacts of female labour productivity shock in agriculture: evidence from a CGE model applied to a Sub-Saharan African country
  • Migration, crop production and non-farm labor diversification in rural Vietnam
  • Transforming Labour and Technology of The Ancient Tula Wells
  • Des carrières aux parcours... en passant par la compétence
  • Vers une flexicurité à la française ?
  • BONUS: Funding for Research on Youth Employment
  • BONUS: France-Diplomatie

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