July 2019

July 2019

Period: 01 - 15 July



  • International Conference “Large Farm Management”
  • IFAMA 2020


 AIAEE 2020 

  • Durée de l’activité et fragmentations du travail 
  • Quando o trabalho real é tabu
  • Convocatoria para publicar en la revista GénEros número 28



  • Occupational Health and Safety Issues at Agribusiness Retailers
  • Fisheries development, labour and working conditions on Myanmar's marine resource frontier
  • "I Don’t Want to Work in Agriculture!" The Transition from Agricultural Education to the Labor Market in Rural Russia
  • Rethinking the Transformation of the Labor Supply in Rural China During the Reform Era
  • Work safety interventions and threat complexity – A formative investigation into why farmers do not act safely
  • Is the feminization of labor harmful to agricultural production? The decision-making and production control perspective
  • Bienestar —the well-being of Latinx farmworkers in a time of change
  • Estimating the economic incentives necessary for eliminating child labor in Ghanaian cocoa production
  • The winding paths of peripheral proletarianization: Local labour, world hegemonies, and crisis in rural Colombia
  • Labour reserves and surplus populations: Northern Ghana and the Eastern Cape of South Africa
  • Experiences in the Gulf of Mexico: Overcoming Obstacles for Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety and Health Research
  • An examination of the effects of labor efficiency on the profitability of grass-based, seasonal-calving dairy farms
  • Sickness Absence and Hospitalization among Workers on Board Norwegian Fishing Vessels
  • Reporting of Hazardous Events in Aquaculture Operations – The Significance of Safety Climate
  • Smartphone adoption and use in agriculture: empirical evidence from Germany
  • Les zones grises des relations de travail et d'emploi
  • Perspectives de l'OCDE sur les compétences 2019

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