December 2019

December 2019

Period: 01 - 31 December



  • 2nd Symposium on Work in Agriculture qui aura lieu des 27 au 30 septembre 2020 - Clermont 
  • ERSA2020 Call for Abstracts is OPEN!
  • Revue Management & Avenir 
  • Child Labour - Eliminating child labour and forced labour in cotton-growing communities 
  • A 2018 Inside Dairy article prompted farm manager Tom Buckley to adjust his summer milking schedules
  • How do other farmers look after themselves and their teams? Check out the advice below, including some great ideas from Farmstrong


  • Insights on work in agriculture 
  • How Farmers Make Investment Decisions: Evidence from a Farmer Survey in China 
  • Gender and the Preservation of Family Farming in Ireland
  • Youth access to land, migration and employment opportunities: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Economic participation of rural youth: what matters? 
  • Climate and jobs for rural young people
  • Rural youth, today and tomorrow
  • Staying under the radar: constraints on labour agency of pineapple plantation workers in Costa Rica?
  • Development and Forecast of Employment in Forestry in the Czech Republic
  • Youth and jobs in rural Africa: Beyond stylized facts
  • Land outsourcing and labour contracting: Labour management in China's capitalist farms
  • Gender relations along the maize value chain in Mozambique
  • Who are the world’s poor? A new profile of global multidimensional poverty
  • Well-off small-scale tobacco growers and farm workers in the Mexican agrarian reform (1972–1990)
  • Agricultural production mode transformation and production efficiency: A labor division and cooperation lens

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