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International Association on Work in Agriculture

Sophie Chauvat

Sophie Chauvat

Institut de l'Elevage (French Livestock Institute)

The Mixed Technological Network (RMT) "Labour in Livestock Farms", led by The French Livestock Institute, has been certified since 2007 by the French Ministry of Agriculture. This development-research-training system brings together 32 partners (Technical Institutes, Chambers of Agriculture, Research Organisations, Higher and Vocational Education, Heads of Networks) to support the transformations of labour in livestock farms and develop advisory mechanisms. There is a proven collegiality that allows knowledge sharing of topics for future studies and research (, as well as for cross-cutting activities between disciplines (technical and social sciences) and sectors (herbivores and non-herbivores). The RMT "Labour in Livestock Farms" is ready to develop its activities throughout Europe and others countries.

The expertise includes:

  • Training, consulting methods, management of paid workers in livestock farms
  • Coordination of the construction of national references on working time (640 farms in five animal sectors: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry) - 2010
  • coordination of the theme "Social sustainability" of the RMT "labour in livestock farming", in charge of the transfer of knowledge and relevant tools to advisors and livestock farmers



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