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International Association on Work in Agriculture

Priscila Malanski

Priscila Malanski

Animal scientist specialized on farm labour in livestock systems.

Executive secretary, documentalist and webmaster of IAWA 

She carries out multidisciplinary studies on:

  • changes on work organisation and its relation with farm changes
  • development of employees career in livestock farms
  • scientometric analyse of international bibliography about work in agriculture

Priscila works in collaboration with French researchers and agricultural advisors from INRA, Livestock Institute (IDELE) and the Mixt Research Education and Extension Network “Work in Livestock” (RMT Traval en Elevage), as well as Brazilian researchers from State University of Maringa, Federal University of Para and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.


INRA SAD, Theix, 63122 Saint Genès Champanelle, France

Tel: +33 4 73 62 45 34



Malanski PD, Schiavi S, Dedieu B (2018) Thinking about the future of farming through different facets of “work in agriculture”. Textual analysis of papers from the first Symposium on Work in Agriculture. In: 13th European IFSA Symposium, Chania, Greece. 11p. 

Malanski PD, Hostiou N, Ingrand S (2017) Evolution pathways of employees’ work on dairy farms according to task content, specialization, and autonomy. Cah Agric 26:65005. doi: 10.1051/cagri/2017052. 

Malanski, P. D. (2017). Identification des trajectoires d'évolution du travail de salariés permanents dans les exploitations agricoles : proposition d'un cadre d'analyse et application à l'élevage bovin laitier en Auvergne. Thèse de doctorat, Institut Agronomique, Vétérinaire et Forestier de France (IAVFF).{5D8431AA-FE49-444A-826A-C11C098E90F0}&original=true  Vidéo de la soutenance: 

Malanski PD, Hostiou N, Ingrand S (2016) What evolutions for wage earner’s work in farms after hiring? A case study in dairy farms in Auvergne, France. In: 1st International Symposium on Work in Agriculture, Maringa, Brésil. 10p.{CC00213B-D792-4D1A-9B17-A20EB40BF85F}&original=true 

Malanski PD, Hostiou N, Ingrand S (2015) L’évolution conjointe de l’organisation du travail et du fonctionnement des exploitations d’élevage bovin. In: Colloque de la Société Française d’Economie Rurale (SFER): Structures d’exploitation et exercice de l’activité agricole. Rennes, France. 11p.

Malanski PD, Hostiou N, Pailleux J-Y, Ingrand S (2015) Evolution du travail de salariés dans des élevages bovins laitiers d’Auvergne. In: XXII Recontre Recherchers Ruminants. Paris, p 347.{34F4C0AE-DAD1-4419-A06B-0D8893613D13}&original=true 

Malanski PD, Hostiou N, Pailleux J-Y, Ingrand S (2015) Autonomie des salariés permanents en élevage bovin laitier Auvergnat. In: IV Rencontres Nationales sur le Travail en Elevage. Dijon, France, pp 94-95.{50FA7A04-5B47-4A20-9932-81AF5BEFAFCC}&original=true 

Malanski PD, Ferreira-Darnet LA (2014) Funcionamento de um sistema de criação bovino a partir do processo de elaboração da produção em São Domingos do Araguaia-PA. Rev Agroecossistemas 6:58–65. doi: 10.18542/ragros.v6i1.1846

Malanski PD, Ferreira LA (2012) Da técnica à pratica : A introdução de leguminosas forrageiras em sistemas de criação leiteiros em São Domingos do Araguaia-PA. In: IX Congresso da Sociedade Brasileira de Sistemas de Produção, Lusiânia, Brasil, pp 1–15.